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Decorate spaces by leveraging AR

My Role

UX/UI Designer


Personal Project



Project Overview

An iOS mobile app allows the app users to visualize what the furniture will look like. Decorate spaces by leveraging the truly interactive potential of Augmented reality. Users can buy products that suit their personal preferences.

Frame 18.png

Onboarding flow

Through this screen, users can get started directly without having an account. Also, they can create an account or log in if they already have one.


Users can navigate through the app sections on this screen, for instance, using the AR tool to see how the furniture looks, browse products, search for products, and manage their accounts.


AR Feature

By leveraging this tool, users can see their desired products and check the sizes and dimensions before deciding to buy.

Browse products

In this flow, users of this app will be able to browse and filter the available products to find and choose the desired outcomes that meet their preferences.


Order completion

After choosing the desired product by users, they can complete the purchase by reviewing the cart and checking out the order.

Profile screen

Users can access this page if they decide to check their orders and favorite items, manage accounts, or even log out of the app.

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